Services We Offer

At Artisan, we believe in the power of clean interfaces, thoughtfully engineered user experiences, fast iteration, light and easily maintainable code, and solutions that drive your customers to fall in love with your product.

Application management

Need analysis and research to craft and yield the full potential of an application and boost your business? You’ve come to the right place then! Our team is one of the few that is optimized to do everything from including and managing the mainframe to capturing the end user experience at the other end to giving you insights into the codes and design of the application itself.

How we do this, you ask? Well, we’ve got a whole suite of services to cater to all your application management needs.


Application Development

Life’s too short to make bad apps. That’s why we help enterprises develop the most sophisticated applications that are custom made and best suited for their needs. Drawing on our experience in all kinds of app development, our team looks forward to help you develop solutions to meet the most challenging problems and give their brains some exercise.

We assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems, while staying in constant touch with you and adjusting to your static needs, of course.


Product Development

Innovative products are the fuel for the most powerful growth engine you can connect to.And that’s why we have made product development a part of our every day task. Our focus on providing tangible outcomes helps you not only cut costs and shorten new product time-to-market while ensuring higher quality, but also a way greater level of innovation.

We use our technical expertise to develop product across the whole spectrum of tools, technologies, environments and methodologies, partnering with you to give you a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


Q&A Testing

Think it is enough to just bring a good innovative product/service/app to succeed? Think again. It also and more importantly has to be of the highest quality. Anything less than the best and the impact can be devastating. That’s where we come into the picture. We are proud of our testers who have years of practice, and will happily go through your app with a fine toothed comb and once they’re done, you can be assured that your app will be of the highest quality and will work like a charm.


Agile Development

One of the best ways to adapt quickly to the ever happening changes in IT is to adopt the principles of Agile development. The agile developers at Wishtree produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and even extend for later use. Our agile development practices, such as frequent deliveries, continuous integration, and build, deployment, and test automation, reduce risk and rework.

Application support


However much we may try to deny it, we are now in an age of utter and complete dependence on technology. Our businesses, even more so. And in this ever dynamic era of IT, applications need to keep changing to suit new business scenarios.

We, at Wishtree, understand this situation and that’s why we have an awesome special team whichfocuses just on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet changing business needs. Did we mention that we also provide 24*7 globally integrated support? Yeah, we can be your 4am buddy too.

Our Support services are designed to help organizations increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive high-performance, and extend application life.

Web Development


At Artisan, we bel love with your product.


Support for mobile, serious enhancements in interactions, ability to provide native like interface irrespective of the device. Need we say more, we love HTML5/CSS3 and we are sure you will love it too on your app.

Ruby on Rails

A breakthrough web framework that allows us to serve full-fledged applications in a fraction of the time it would take for most projects.


We all love real-time web applications, is your next idea a real-time webapp? Node.js has given that awesome sauce to craft your idea into an actual application in little time.


Next generation databases that are non-relational, distributed, open source and horizontally scalable. We exactly know the right and the wrong noises made about NoSQL and can put it to good use in your next app.

SEO Marketing



Feel like you're always playing hide and seek when it comes to your website's search engine ranking? Tired of paying for search engine optimization services and getting nothing in return?

If you're not getting the results you want from your present provider, why not let Anuva show you how easy it is not only to be found but also to be first in search engine results.

Mobile App



We’ve built a plethora of iOS apps-for every Apple gadget available, from iPhones to ipads. And after a hundred apps later, we’ve achieved success(and a genius tag) in almost every category even remotely iOs related. Wishtree’s creative app design team starts by collaborating and refining around your innovative app concept to design an engaging user experience that will leverage Apple’s native iOS platform to its fullest. Our expert iOS application development team will engineer and code the highest quality iOS app with frictionless and engaging performance.



With so many new phones and versions of android software available, android apps live in a highly fragmented multi-device world. This makes quality assurance a must when it comes to these apps.It is intensive. But don’t worry, we enjoy such intensive work it. We’ve develop lots of amazing Android apps compatible with all versions, from Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices. Give us a challenge by having us develop an app just for you.



You know that you’re doing computers wrong if your website/web app’s not responsive. That’s where we come in. We create not only a responsive website, but an experience which enables easy reading and navigation. We’ve been making not only our clients’ but our very own websites and web apps responsive and adaptive for years now. Don’t believe us? Open this page on your mobile or play with the window size on your computer and see. We build fast-loading, highly optimized websites and apps that will work across a wide range of devices.



Our Mobile Backend Integration Services have been developed to give you the Freedom and the Capabilities you need to get to market Fast, with the Flexibility you expect. We are fully equipped to handle your Enterprise CRM Integration, Consumer Integration, Push Notifications, Storage, Security, Mobile Payments, GPS, and more. Whatever Backend Integration you need done, we’ll do it. Be it User Management needs, Seamless Connections with APIs, Cloud Storage or Integration with Social Networks – we’ve been there, done that well, rearing to face a challenge again.



With the entry of Hi-tech watches and what not, wearable solutions are THE next big thing.And more such wearable in the health, security, retail and more industries are coming sooner than you think. What people don’t realize is that if it’s wearable technology — it’s mobile. And if it is mobile, we’re the ones to come to for developing apps to bring the power of smart glasses and watches and fitbands and yet-to-be-made devices to users.



Support for mobile, serious enhancements in interactions, ability to provide native like interface irrespective of the device. Need we say more, we love HTML5/CSS3 and we are sure you will love it too on your app.

Web Designing

We strategically blend beautiful design with functionality to craft a rich experience for the end user.

At Koru, we analyze complex product / software and strike the perfect balance of both design and functionality, enabling it to deliver a valuable and compelling experience that your customers will love - inspiring them to become loyal advocates for your product and your company.


Revamp the UX and UI

Do you have an existing application that's worn out? Or a software built on age old technology too difficult to keep up with? Or simply need a design refresh to stay in sync with the latest?


Optimize the flow & design the UI for existing feature(s)

Does your existing feature take endless steps for user to complete? Are your users clue-less on how to use it? Are the controls used worn out? Feel like leveraging the latest and sophisticated UI controls?


Conceptualize any idea & turn it into real application design

Have an idea about a portal, web application or mobile application? Need help to put things together and kick start the project? Need a reliable design partner to figure out the best possible architecture and to iterate on design ideas till you perfect it?


Create interactive prototypes

Have a complex or out of the box idea you want to test and validate before investing more? Want interactive prototypes for usability testing? Need nearly functional prototypes to keep everyone in your team on the same page throughout the project?


Design responsive and seamless experience

Need to give your users a seamless experience no matter which device they jump to? Need to evaluate what works better and what makes the best sense for a given device? Need help going responsive with your existing application?


Solve the UI problems

Have a complex UI problem at hand? Want to introduce a functionality that has numerous contraints and complex logic running behind the scene? Want to make it easy and intuitive for your users to complete a task?


Design new feature(s)

Want someone to understand the existing product and users? Need to introduce a new features without breaking the existing system and hurting existing users? Need to evaluate the feasibility across various devices and then design new features based on that?

Ready to get started

Artisan creates experiences that are attractive, simple to use, and drive results for your company. We are not your typical web development agency. Sure,we’re strong on branding and design, but we’re really focused on making things work for your audience … and your business. We look forward to working with you